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Wash, dry & fold typically takes 1 working day. However depending on how busy we are on any given day, we can usually have it done for you by evening if it is dropped into us early in the morning. Duvets & Curtains will take approximately 2/3 days.

We only use top quality washing powders in our professional machines. Fabric softeners are added upon request and pre-treatment of stains can be arranged, if noted in advance. All laundry is folded after drying and bagged ready for collection. Laundry is priced by weight.

For those wet days when you just can’t get those large towels dry or just want to catch up on the drying, we do operate a Dry Only service. This is a very cost effective way of clearing your laundry quickly.



Up to 8Lbs                       €12.50

 9 lbs                      €13.50

  10 lbs                     €15.00

11 lbs                     €16.50

12 lbs                     €18.00

13 lbs                     €19.50

14 lbs                     €21.00

15 lbs                      €22.50

16 lbs                      €24.00

17 lbs                      €25.50

18 lbs                      €27.00

19Lbs                      €28.00

20Lbs                      €29.00

Cotton Curtains

Washed & Pressed        €30.00


Single Duvet                 €15.00

Double Duvet               €20.00

Queen Duvet                €22.50

King Duvet                   €25.00

Feather Duvet extra       €5.00 

Double Bed Throw        €20.00

Sleeping Bags              €15.00

Wash, Dry & Press Specials

Shirt                           €3.50

Trousers                      €6.00

Open Monday-Friday 8.45am-6pm
Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm
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